My Plot Theories..

Just sharing my thoughts on the plot; there’s spoilers so I’ve hid it under the tag. Feel free to read! Will really appreciate some feedback.

  1. So Hayley and Shane is working together to get 12 sacrifices right? But why must it be hybrids? With Damon, what the witch really needed was 12 human souls to get this expression magic on the way. Does it has something to do with the Originals? Or is it simply because Klaus is the only one who could kill the hybrids? Which brings me to point #2.
  2. I just noticed this in 4x09, the people blown up in Pastor Young’s explosion-happy suicide mission also amounts to : 12 humans. So the number of sacrifices now amounts to, 12 humans and 12 hybrids. Now what else is needed? 12 werewolves, and 12 witches? Maybe to break the spell they need at least 4 different species (just bear with me); human, vampire, werewolf and hybrids — mirroring the hybrid curse that Klaus had to break using the Jules and Jenna. But this is simply me being speculative. I’m simply throwing ideas around because during Silas’ time there was no hybrids so why on earth do Shane need hybrid sacrifice? Now, onto Mr Shady Pants himself.
  3. The way Shane talks about Silas and having him living without his one true love; does anyone else gets the vibe that he is Silas? Because the only thing I can think of for Shane (if he isn’t Silas) to bring back Silas is to use him to bring someone back to life — as hinted by him to Hayley in 4x08. So it can either be he is Silas but he doesn’t have the cure (to bring his love back) which is conveniently locked away from him (in this case, buried) or he lost someone and symphatizes with Silas leading him to work on releasing Silas so that he could bring someone he loves, back. But seriously, I do think Shane is Silas. How he breaks away from the tomb he’s buried in I have no idea. In 4x06, Shane said something about Silas being immortal, powerless and alone. So this might be why he needs Bonnie to break the spell, and he needs her to do expression magic because we all know the consequences to Bonnie trying to bring Elena back to life — hence, a darker magic is needed. Shane also said he’s been around the world 10 times over — how to do that if you’re just around 30 unless you startedwayyoung. Another thing, in his lecture he mentioned the tombstone being discovered in (i didn’t get the exact date but I heard hints of nineteen, 19 centuries? Or 1900 somethings?) and tying it up with Shane saying that he’s been there — you do the math.

Anyways, I’m really sad for Klaus. The hybrid-killing-machine-yummy-goodness scenes aside, I’m really buying his sadness at having to kill his hybrids. As he mentioned to Rebekah, he views these hybrids as his family because to me, Klaus really treasures loyalty. Sure, Rebekah and Elijah is his blood kin, but unlike our natural family upbringing which causes us to naturally trust each other, Klaus can’t trust Rebekah and Elijah as proven by their now-I’m-on-your-side-now-I’m-stabbing-you-in-your-back (please, I’m a major Original family fan, don’t hurt me.. Just saying things in Klaus’ perspective). But with his hybrids, the sire-bond ensures that they will never betray him and I guess that is what he really needs — someone to trust.

Excited to see Rebekah back in action, and someone in my dashboard says that Kol is spotted in the promo, so will be gearing up for that. Please, share with me your thoughts. Till then, be fabulous my dear TVD shippers.

And Klaroline shippers, don’t worry too much. We asked for a slow-burn, let us try to savor it for now. Love y’all!

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